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We make liquid injection molding and manufacture different kinds of liquid silicone rubber molded parts for medical device, sanitary & bathroom products, electrical products, cosmetics, automotive and machines parts etc. Our team also can offer LSR products parts moldabilities & over-molded manufacturabilities analysis or design support etc.

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LSR Valve

  • LSR Check Valve

LSR Valve

LSR valve is also known as liquid silicone valve, rubber check valve, rubber one way valve or non return valve, which is used to regulate air or liquid pressure, prevent backflow, and prevent leakage. LSR valve is compliant with food grade or medical grade as it is made of platinum liquid silicone. So liquid silicone valve is widely used in medical industries and food industries.

LSR Valve and Solid Silicone Valve

Silicone valves can be made of two materials, solid silicone and liquid silicone. Compared with solid silicone valves, LSR valves have good mechanical properties. For example, LSR umbrella valves can keep a good shape and don’t deform easily after long-time use, as liquid silicone is with stable physical properties and good rebound resilience.

Liquid Silicone Valve

Liquid Silicone Valve

LSR Check Valve Manufacturing Process

LSR Umbrella Valve Design Guide

Umbrella valves or mushroom valves are the rubber valve in umbrella shape. The umbrella leaf plays an crucial role in controlling the air or fluid. So it is important to keep the valve from distorting during production, transporting, storage and usage. There are four elements that cause the distortion of silicone umbrella valves.

Rubber Check Valve Structure

The leaf thickness and arc of silicone umbrella valve will affect its service life. When the leaf is too thin or too flat, silicone check valve distort easily. There are two recommended structures for LSR umbrella valve.

LSR Valve

Silicone Valve Material

Rubber umbrella valves, made of common silicone get distorted easily compared with valves made of high rebound resilience silicone. Liquid silicone valves are better than solid silicone valve as LSR is with good comprehensive mechanical properties.

LSR One Way Valve Production Conditions

If the molding temperature and curing time are not enough, the silicone valves can not be fully cured, which will cause the deformation of valves as well. In addition, the vulcanization agent may affect forming and curing of rubber valve. Wrong vulcanization agent will result in inadequate curing of the silicone. And silicone valves can not give their original mechanical properties full play.

Umbrella Valve Packaging

When pack the LSR/silicone umbrella valves, we should inject air into the bag and make sure the the air will not release during long-time transportation.  

LSR Valve Types

LSR valve can be in different shapes, including umbrella valve, duckbill valve, dispensing slit valve, flapper valve and silicone diaphragm. LSR valve is low pressure valve. The pressure rate can be adjusted by changing the hardness of rubber or geometry of rubber valve.

LSR Umbrella Valve

LSR Umbrella ValvesRubber Duckbill Valves

LSR Check Valves

Flapper Valves

LSR One Way Valve

Cross Slit Valve

LSR Valve and Solid Silicone Valve

Silicone Slit Valve


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