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Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding / LSR Mold Design Guide

Liquid Silicone Rubber Mold with Cold Runner (Needle Valve)

Liquid Silicone Rubber Mold, also called LSR Mould or Silicone Injection Mold, which have some types according to liquid silicone rubber materials feeding systems, silicone materials state, mould runner systems and silicone molded machines types etc.
Actually, for mass production and precision liquid silicone molded parts or products, silicone mold manufacturers or customers mainly choose liquid silicone rubber injection molding with shut-off & needle valves, which can save lsr materials, have long mold lifetime, more precision and easy to automatic production etc.

LSR Silicone Injection Mold:
Following mainly talking about liquid silicone rubber injection mold with needle valves & silicone injection mold designs

LSR Injection Molding Design Guide
Silicone Injection Molding with Cold Rubber Systems Design Guide

Liquid Silicone Injection Molding for Medical Grade Resusicator Oxygen Face Mask
Two different types of LSR injection machines and liquid silicon injection molded designs
1. Vertical LSR Injection Machines and Mold Designs:
This kinds of LSR injection mold & machines mainly designed for 2-shot & liquid silicone rubber overmolding, like liquid silicone rubber overmold with plastic, metal or glass, or two different LSR color, handness or silicone materials etc.

liquid silicone rubber for overmolding silicone membraneRubber To Metal Bonding

Horizontal LSR Injection Machines and Mold Designs
Horizontal Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Machines, like plastic injection mold, which easier to achieve automated production.

LSR Injection Mold
Horizontal Liquid Silicone Rubber Machine

Silicone Injection Molding manufacturing process
Notes:  Common compression machines also can converted into LSR machines only change materials feeding systems, which only produce some LSR products & parts as not high tolerance demands of sizes or designs, like baby care products, packaging products or cosmetics etc. This kind LSR molding is cheap, similar to silicone rubber compression molding or rubber tranfer molding
LSR Injection Molding Designs, is something like plastic injection molding with or without hot runner systems. LSR injection molding with shut-off valves, also called cold runner systems, which can save liquid silicone rubber materials and labor cost, also have good LSR product's surface (small injection gate). Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection molding without shut-off valves, like silicone injection molding, also called hot runner LSR & direct gate liquid silicone rubber injection molding, which can save some mold cost but bigger injection gate (not good lsr product's surface)