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Liquid Injection Mold Production

Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding / Liquid Injection Mold

Liquid Injection Molding Manufacturing Process

Liquid Injection Molding can be realized by different methods. The machines used to produce liquid silicone parts can be compression machine, and LSR injection machine.
Liquid Silicone Molding by Compression Machine with Compression Mold
The compression machine need to be upgraded with an extra liquid silicone feeding system. There are two common LSR feeding system. One system is an manipulator that can extract liquid silicone from the A & B barrels and inject LSR automatically to the open compression mold. Another LSR feeding system for compression machine is like the system used in LSR injection machine, directly injecting the liquid silicone through the sprue and runner to the closed compression mold.
Liquid Injection Molding by Compression Machine with Manipulator
Liquid silicone is injected to the open compression mold by the manipulator.  The LSR molding method is suitable for parts with simple design, without strict dimension requirements. The curing process is same as the process of compression molding.
Liquid Injection Mold by Compression Machine with Extra LSR Feeding System
The compression molding machine is refited with an extra liquid silicone injection system, which connects with the cold runner system of silicone mold. The compression mold is under the cold runner system. This process is also call LSR transfer molding.