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Liquid Silicone Injection Molding Manufacturing Process & Video

How to produce a NIV Non Invasive Ventilation CPAP full face total mask?

Liquid Injection Mold for Liquid Silicone Bellows/Dust Cover/Expansion Joint
Liquid Silicone Breast Pump Duckbill Valve Membrane by LSR Silicone Injection Mold
Soft Silicone Forehead Pad for CPAP Full Face Mask by Liquid Silicone Injeciton Mold
Liquid Silicone Molded Cistern Washer for Bathroom Cistern Fitting by LSR Injection Mold
Liquid Injection Molding | LSR Mold Making and Production Process

Silicone Baby Bottle Straw| Straw Cup | Straw Replacement for Water Bottle

LSR Injection Mold for Food Grade Wide Neck Liquid Silicone Baby Bottle Feeding Nipples
Liquid Silicone Keyboard/Silicone Rubber Keypad/LSR Buttons by LSR Injection Molding
Liquid Silicone Injection Moulded High Precision Silicone Rubber Seals/ Gasket/ Washer
Medical Grade LSR Silicone Menstrual Cup Manuafactured by Liquid Injection Mould
How does silicone injection molding work?

Liquid Injection Mold (LIM)

Liquid Injection Mold (LIM) is a process in which liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is injected into a heated mold under pressure, completely filling the cavity before curing into a solid part which is then ejected from the mold. This process is virtually identical to the injection molding of thermoplastic polymers, except for the fact that LSR is a thermoset polymer.

For Liquid silicone injection molds need cold runner system (water system), some need nozzle shut-off valves, some do not need shut-off needle valves, which mainly depends on liquid silicone rubber products design, quality requirement and quantity demands etc.


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