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We make liquid injection molding and manufacture different kinds of liquid silicone rubber molded parts for medical device, sanitary & bathroom products, electrical products, cosmetics, automotive and machines parts etc. Our team also can offer LSR products parts moldabilities & over-molded manufacturabilities analysis or design support etc.

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Liquid Silicone Keyboard

Liquid Silicone Keyboard, as called as Silicone Keypad, LSR Keyboard, Liquid Silicone Buttons, LSR Button. Different from traditional compression molded silicone buttons, which is made by high precision LSR Injection Molding. Besides compression molding and liquid injection mold, Silicone Keyboard can also made by Silicone Transfer mold.
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Liquid Silicone Keyboard & LSR Button

Liquid Silicone Keyboard, as called as LSR Button, Silicone Keypad, LSR Keyboard, Liquid Silicone Buttons. Different from traditional compression molded silicone buttons, which is made by high precision LSR Injection Molding. Besides compression molding and liquid injection mold,  Liquid Silicone Keyboard can also made by Silicone Transfer Molding through compression machines.

Most Silicone Keypads are molded by compression molding, as compression molding is much cheaper and by using good metal steel, can also have very good quality silicone keypads. While because of liquid silicone rubber's excellent property for long-life span, and design & size stable advantage, more and more customer would like to choose Liquid silicone as keyboard or button material.

LSR Silicone Buttons are higher precision

Liquid Injection Molding is accurate than compression molding, the injection neddle valve controls liquid silicone material into the cavity under certain pressure and the state of the material is fluid, can flow to cavity evenly and in a certain rate to make sure the button webbing thickness is evenly consistant an. So silicone buttons has better tacile feedback and also with higher presion demensions tolerance can achieve 0.02mm because the amount of material is control by neddle valve rather than weight manually.

LSR Liquid Rubber Keypad

However, because of the thickness of the keypad is inconsistant, especially the keypad webbing area is usually thinner than other areas. So when we choose liquid silicone injection molding to produce LSR Keyads, we should pay attention to the area of injection gate, and make sure have enough venting holes to make sure liquid silicone rubber can flow smoothly to avoid air traps in the webbing.

LSR Keyboard by Silicone Injection Molding

Superior Material properties:

Liquid Silicone Keyboard has longer mechanical life than solid silicone bittons, because liquid silicone rubber have higher tear strength, good resilience, good water, heat, cold resistant than solid silicone.


Wider working environments:

LSR Keyboard not only used in common industrial areas but also can used in medical, instrumentation and communications equipment that need higher safety requirements.

LSR Keypad has wider Shore Hardness, can achieve 5-90A. For compression molded silicone keypad, the lowest hardness is 30A. And normally, we suggest to have 50-60A silicone keypad by silicone compression mold. So wider Shore hardness range is also an important reason to choose Lqiud Silicone Rubber as material.

Liquid Silicone Buttons 

LSR Keypad with higher production efficiency. Do not need to mix and weight material, and shot cycle time is shorter. LSR Buttons curing cycle time is about 45 seconds. Liquid Injection Molding is a better choice for large volume rubber keypad production.

Liquid Silicone Keyborad by LSR Injection Molding has the best quality and can achieve strict design and size tolerance, but LSR Injection Molding is expensive and for small quantity order, LSR Molded silicone keypad is not a good choice. So for complicated structure keypad but do not have larger quantity, to save the cost, we suggest to choose silicone transfer mold for production.

Silicone Transfer Molding


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