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What is Silicone Suction Cup Used for?

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What is Silicone Suction Cup Used for?


What is suction cup? What's the Working Theory of vacuum suction cup?

Silicone Suction Cup is also known as Vacuum Cups, Bellow Vacuum Cups, Silicone Rubber Bellows, which is a pneumatic actuator with a sealing lip that forms a temporary sealed after contact with the object to be sucked, by drawing air inside or thin the air inside the sealed space to create a pressure different between the inside and outside.


Silicone sucker, as a silicone device that uses vacuum to generate negative, has high requirements for the contact surface. So generally we will have polishing and EDM process for the surface of silicone suction cup to make sure it easier to vacuum adsorption. Suction bellow’s basic functions: Fixed position, adsorption product, and anti-shock prevention position.

silicone vacuum caps

Different shapes of suction cups:

Silicone suction cups, classified by shape: flat suction cups, elliptical suction cups, corrugated (bellow) suction cups and special shaped suction cups.

Corrugated suction cups are further subdivided into double-layer vacuum suction cups, three-layer vacuum suction cups and multi-layer vacuum suction cups.

According to the way of thin and confined space, it can be divided into pneumatic vacuum suction cup and manual vacuum suction cup.


Vacuum suction cups shapes:

Flat suction cups(round)

Flat suction cups(oral)

Bellow suction cups(round)

Bellow suction cups(oral)

Vacuum Cups' good properties and different applications:

Because of the good tear strength property of Silicone suction cups, vacuum cups are widely used in various vacuum holding equipment, such as construction, paper industry, printing, glass and other industries, to achieve holding and conveying of glass, paper, and light items.

Vacuum suction cups are becoming more and more popular for automated equipment.

Silicone rubber bellows not only save labor and resources but also reduce time. Suction cups are priority for modern society.

  • Suction Cups Specially Developed for Gripping Delicate Objects such as cakes (buns, biscuits, etc.).

Specific shapes and shore hardness depending on the applications. 
Food Grade Silicone Suction Cups can be used at temperatures between - 40 °C to + 220 °C / -40°F to 428°F

 silicone rubber suction cups

  • Silicone Bellow Cups Specially Designed for Cheese

To meet the requirements of applications for handling soft and fragile food products such as soft cheese, COVAL has developed a 1.5 bellow oblong suction cup made of food-grade silicone that can be fitted with a stainless steel grid, which prevents deforming the food product.


  • Silicone Rubber Suction Cups for Egg-handling

The VSO range of suction cups has been specially designed to handle eggs.
- very flexiible lip
- different suction cup shapes
- food standard silicone (FDA and CE)

Vacuum Suction Cup

  • Suction Vacuum Cups for Bottle Handling

Designed for gripping 750 ml bottles, the VSBO suction cups range has grown with the development of the VSBO+, a specially created suction cup for gripping bottles at high frequency.
For the gripping of Magnum bottles, we have designed the Magnum suction cup VSBO 50105 with a lip shape and surface suited for the weight and the diameter of the bottle.

  • Vacuum Suction Cups for Beauty and Health

Silicone vacuum suction cupping has becoming popular than glass cupping using fire to create vacuum inside the cup. Silicone Cups can move from place to place on skin to draw out a small quantity of blood.

Silicone Rubber Cupping Therapy can remove harmful substances and toxins from boby to promote healing and keep healthy.

Common Problems of Bellow Suction Cups in the Market:

  • Splitting and Bubbles Problem, which is mainly caused by molding temperature and poor venting. To make sure molding temperature is high enough, air-venting is good can avoid the issues occurring.

  • Uneven Wall Thickness, which is mainly cuased by mold tool, like molding precision, misalignment of female and male mold, datum angle and the 4 located pins a re not accurate enough.

  • Big Flashing: We will pay attention to 3 points to solve this problem:

1. Molding design

2.Production technology & workers' skill about removing flash

3.Enough molding pressure

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