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We make liquid injection molding and manufacture different kinds of liquid silicone rubber molded parts for medical device, sanitary & bathroom products, electrical products, cosmetics, automotive and machines parts etc. Our team also can offer LSR products parts moldabilities & over-molded manufacturabilities analysis or design support etc.

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Liquid Silicone Toilet Washer

Liquid Silicone Toilet Wahser is universally applied in toilet flash valve gasket , fill valve seal gasket (tank-to-bowl washers)

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Liquid Silicone Toilet Washer is also known as LSR flush valve gasket, silicone rubber toilet fill valve washer. They are widely used in toilet tank as leaking free rubber seals. Liquid Silicone Toilet Washer is made of LSR by injection molding. With cold runner injection, dimension accuration of rubber washer gasket will highly increase than compression curing washers.

Rubber Toilet Gasket

Why Choose Liquid Silicone for Toilet Washer?

Safety Assurance: With platinum cured, liquid silicone is an extremly safe material, which do no harms to human body. LSR gasket can be used in drinking water device. Don't need to worry the migration of hazardous substance. During liquid silicone washer injection production, there is little contamination. It is easy to pass the test - FDA 21 CFR 177.1210 about Specific Migration of Primary Aromatic and N-Nitrosamines.

To download liquid silicone FDA test report and FDA 21 CFR 177.1210.PDF LSR USP R401_40.pdf

To know more about LSR inejction molding

Accurate Dimensions: Liquid silicone toilet washer tolerance can be ± 0.05mm by injection mould. This can assure washer's sealing funtion in toilet tank . Flush valve is to control water come into the toilet, while fill valve is to refill the toilet tank with water. So silicone flush valve and fill valve washer plays an important role in these activities. Leakind may occurs if the rubber seals is not precise.

Liquid Silicone Toilet Gasket Production Process

Eco-friendly Material: Liquid silicone is a good partner in water sealing. It's very safe for food or medical grade products as it contains non hazardous substance. In addition to its non-toxic properties, liquid silicone washer is degradable material and can be recycled. Comparetively, raw material liquid silicone washer is more expensive than solid silicone (HCR).

Large Volume Production: Liquid silicone toilet washer production efficiency is high due to silicone injection molding shorten the curing time. Therefor, silicone injection molding is appropriate for large volume gasket production and continuous production.

Complicate Silicone Geometry Washer Are Available:  Rubber Injection Molding are flexible in washer's design geometry. Consistent even thickness gaskets is also no problems. Parting Lines is invisible in liquid silicone seals. 

Non-flashing Washer Production: from picture we can see, there is no flashing in silicone toilet washers. Rubber toilet washer made by compresison molding must be removed flashing with many labor force. With non-flashing silicone washer production, we can save time and cost.

LSR Toilet Washer

What is Liquid Silicone Washers Application?

Liquid Silicone Toilet Washers are assembled in three important toilet tank parts, fill valves gasket, flush valve seals, and flapper seal washers. Rubber washers are found in these valves to achieve a leak free function. If the toliet is leaking water from tank, it is time to check these parts and replace rubber gasket.

Rubber Toilet Washer Gaskets can be made of many material, like silicone, epdm, nitrile, neoprene, fluorosilicone etc. All these rubber gaskets are applied in different fields according to their rubber properties. For example, silicone washer seals can be applied in water-contact, and food related products because its non-toxic property. Silicone gaskets also can be found in high-temperature or cold working environment for its heat and cold resistance. Silicone seal washers also are universal  in precise devices because of its precision sealing and mini or without flashing. However, silicone gaskets are not suitable for the devices where rotating activity occurs for its poor wear resistance. We can see that gaskets' application depends on their on properties.


Liquid Silicone Toilet Valve Washer

Our Liquid Silicone Toilet Wahser Production Capacity

Liquid Silicone Injection Molding accelerate washer curing time and reduce production cost largely. We can support large volume rubber washer production in short time. In addition to it, the size and accuracy are very stable during the long-term manufacturing. LSR mold core can be changed to a new one for free once it wear out.

Besides silicone inejction mold and prouction support, our engineer team will analyse the design feasibility for injection molding, and offer free design guide to meet customers' requirements.

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