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where are rubber bushings on a car?

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Rubber bushing should consider the stability and stability of the vehicle.


Characteristics and development of rubber bushing.

The effect of suspension bushing: reduce the feeding and vibration of the vehicle and ensure the stability of the vehicle, and ensure the elastic and motion characteristics of the suspension.

There is only one kind of adhesive liner, and its rigidity is to compromise between stability and stability.


The requirement of suspension bushing: Kx/Ky is high and Kz is high from the Angle of operation stability.

From the perspective of stationarity: in order to reduce the vibration and require damping (low frequency, high vibration auxiliary excitation), low stiffness (high frequency, small amplitude) is required to reduce noise.

The liner structure of the mixture.


The lower the dynamic ratio, the smaller the damping of the interior, which is beneficial to the improvement of fatigue.

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