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How to use simple method to go out rubber pungent smell?

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The harmful gases in the smell in furniture mainly include formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, etc., which have great harm:

Formaldehyde is a colorless and soluble irritating gas.Particleboard, density board, plywood and other artificial board, adhesive and wall paper are the main sources of formaldehyde in the air, the release period is as long as 3 ~ 15 years.Can be absorbed through respiratory tract, the harm that formaldehyde has to human body long-term sex, latent sex, concealed sex characteristic.Long-term inhalation of formaldehyde can cause nasopharyngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer and other serious diseases.

Benzene is a colorless gas with a special aroma.Glue, paint, paint and adhesives are the main sources of benzene in the air.When benzene and benzene are inhaled, the central nervous system can be anesthetized.It can inhibit human hematopoietic function, reduce red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, and increase the rate of aplastic anemia.Still can bring about female menstruation abnormality, fetal congenital defect.

TVOC, total volatile Organic compounds (VOC, Votatile Organic Compound, VOC as a heterogeneous in the indoor air pollutants, due to their individual concentration is low, but variety, generally will not be individually, respectively, to TVOC said its total.TVOC includes benzene, toluene, butyl acetate, ethylbenzene, p-(m-) xylene, styrene, o-xylene, and 11-ane.Indoor architecture and decorative materials are the main sources of TVOC in the air.Research shows that even if the indoor air is lower than the limit of single VOC content, the mixed existence and interaction of multiple VOC make the harmful intensity increase.TVOC showed toxicity, stimulation, can cause the body immunity imbalance, affects the central nervous system function, dizziness, headache, symptoms such as lethargy, weakness, chest tightness, may also affect the digestive system, loss of appetite, nausea, serious when can damage the liver and hematopoietic system, and even cause death.

Therefore, when the smell in furniture is serious, indoor air testing should be carried out to determine the actual situation of pollution.Then according to indoor air what kind of harmful material exceeds bid and exceed bid the actual condition of the degree, undertake to the disease medicine management.

Removal of formaldehyde

1. Removal of formaldehyde by ventilation: through indoor air circulation, the content of harmful substances in indoor air can be reduced, thus reducing the harm of such substances to human body.In winter, people often close doors and Windows, and indoor and outdoor air cannot be circulated. Not only will the content of formaldehyde in the indoor air increase, but radon gas will also accumulate continuously and even reach very high levels

2. Activated carbon adsorption method

Activated carbon is internationally recognized as a drug expert, activated carbon masks, anti - toxic masks all use activated carbon.This product deodorizes and detoxifies by the physical action of activated carbon.No chemical additives, no personal effects.Put two to three dishes in each room, 72 hours can basically eliminate indoor odor.This method can be used for medium and low degree pollution, or it can be used in combination with other chemical methods

3. Earth recruit: 300 grams black tea bubble hot tea two face basin water, put in the bedroom, open a window to breathe freely, indoor formaldehyde content will drop more than 90% within 48 hours, irritant smell basically eliminate.

Plant deodorization

Can choose low pollution decontamination plants: general indoor environment pollution in the mild and moderate pollution, pollution value in national standard 3 times the environment, the plant purification can achieve good effect.

According to the different functions of the room, the size of the area of the choice and placement of plants.Under normal circumstances, 10 square meters of the room, 1.5 - meter tall plants put two more appropriate.

Chemical removal of formaldehyde

1. Drug treatment such as spray is easy to cause secondary pollution and may damage furniture, while activated carbon is physically adsorbed, safe, harmless to human body, and has anti-mildew and anti-corrosion effects on home.

2. Advocate one-time removal (experts questioned, unreliable), and the home of the release of toxic gas is a slow process, in addition to the so today, in a few days and have a taste, and the price is not low.

3. The product is too miscellaneous, cannot distinguish clearly, a lot of the product that manages formaldehyde although dozen "high technology", "environmental protection" wait for a flag, what use however is a few inferior chemical synthesis material.Although these products can eliminate formaldehyde to a certain extent, they may also remanufacture other pollutants, leading to secondary pollution.So, consumer should raise vigilance when choosing and buying to manage formaldehyde product.For example, chemical air treatment products are produced by artificial synthesis, many of which are aromatic compounds.Aromatic compounds almost all contain benzene ring compounds that have been proven or suspected to be carcinogenic.In addition, many chemical products are oxidizing and corrosive, which are easy to damage the utensils, and can also damage the operators and residents.Seal cover product DangTu film aging and appear when the weather is hot, humid, and so on and so forth, film is likely to break, will release harmful material such as formaldehyde, become a family hidden "time bomb".

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