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Why choose Liquid Silicone Rubber(LSR) as the material for silicone seal & gasket?

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Why choose Liquid Silicone Rubber(LSR) as the material for silicone seal & gasket?

Liquid Silicone Rubber Gasket, made from Liquid Injection Molding (LIM), is widely used in medical, electronic, automative areas.

Liquid Silicone Rubber Gasket compared to solid silicone gasket: with mini parting line, no or less silicone rubber flashing, and it's precise and have stable seal's designs and sizes tolerance.

High precision LSR silicone seal by LSR injection Molding

Liquid Silicone Rubber Gasket has better sealing performance specially for LSR overmolded (2-Shot overmolding) with plastic or metal parts.

LSR Silicone Seal has better sealing performance. As Liquid Silicone Rubber Seal's margin & edge will not have silicone rubber flashing ( burrs ) compared to solid silicone seals. For sealing function, LSR Seal's design and sizes telorance have higher demands, especially for seal edge.

Liquid Silicone Rubber Gasket made of food grade & medical grade silicone, is safer and is a better choice for medical device, baby care products.

LSR Gasket has better tear resistance and tensile strength.

LSR Seal by liquid silicone rubber injection molding withShort Cure Time & Cycle can achieve mass production.

While choose liquid silicone rubber as material also have a distanvage: it's not convenient to test different color for the seals. It's timing consuming and waste a lot of material to test and change different colors.

liquid silicone gasket

According to different structure of seal, we will choose different type of LSR injection Molding machine to produce the LSR Seal.

Horizontal direct pressure clamping ensure the clamping force be steady and equally distrubution, and can achieve automatically demold.

Vertical clamping,vertical injection, is easy to insert. And the moving mould with high precision positioning device, ensure move mould postioning in precision. And it's suitable for multi-purpose injection molding and 2 shot overmolded parts.

LSR Injection Mold Machine

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