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What is Liquid Injection Molding Simulation (LIMS)?

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What is Liquid Injection Molding Simulation (LIMS)?

Liquid Injection Molding Simulation (LIMS) is a software tool that simulates the mold filling stage of Liquid Composite Molding (LCM)/ resin transfer molding (RTM)

processes by modeling flow through porous media by Finite Element / Control Volume Method.

Liquid Injection Molding Simulation is a cost-effective and simple way to verify and optimize filling process design by providing a “virtual” mold filling process. Using LIMS can avoid or reduce the actual physical trial and error.

Liquid Injection Molding

Liquid silicone rubber is widely used in medical, automotive, electrical, and consumer products because of it's 100% FDA Grade, high purity, biocompatibility, heat resistance, flexibility, self-lubrication, oil resistance properties.

LSR Injection molded products is becoming more and more popular as it enables high-safety, mini rubber flashing, high-volume production, short cycle times, automated processing and manufacturing of intricate shapes.

liquid silicone rubber injection molding for silicone nipple

Liquid Silicone Rubber Simulation (LIMS) not only can help toolmakers optimize the tool designs but also help moldmakers to tell the potential problems before cutting the steel and can reduce and eliminate some of these problems, which can save a lot of money and time.

Needle Valves for LSR Injection Molding

Simulation software products have become easy to use, fast and affordable. This coupled with free material characterization should encourage LSR and thermoset toolmakers to make simulation an integral part of their design process.

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