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Silicone Duckbill Check Valves for Breast Pump

Breast Pump Duckbill Valve, is one kinds of duckbill check valve & one way valve with duck shaped bills & lips in aim to allow air or fluid liquid milk forward flow and also prevent backflow, which mainly made from FDA food grade liquid silicone rubber materials and molded by injection machines. Silicone Duckbill Valve is widely used in breast pump device kits by many baby care company like Ameda, medela duckbill valve, spectra duckbill valve etc.
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Silicone Duckbill Check Valves for Breast Pump

Duckbill Check Valve, also called as Liquid Silicone Duckbill Valve, Breast Pump Valve, Duckbill Valve Breast Pump, Duck Valve Breast Pump, Silicon Duckbill, which is one kind of non-return valves, one way valve in aim to allow air or fluid liquid milk forward flow and also prevent backflow. Duckill Valve is designed according to customers’ required head loss and flow rate for particular application, which acts as backflow prevention devices and aim to prevent backflow or allow forward flows.

Breast Pump Valve is mainly designed to work with breast pump to control the milk flow, and which is made of food grade liquid silicone rubber by LSR Injection Mold.

LSR Duckbill Valve for Breast Pump

LSR Silicone Duckbill valves are widely used as fluid control & hydraulic system in automobiles, small machine, electrical appliance and medical areas. Different working environment require different material properties. The most common material is food grade silicone or medical grade silicone. And with the development of silicone industry and customers’ higher requirement, more and more people choose to use Liquid Silicone Rubber as material.

Breast Pump Duckbill Valve by liquid silicone can achieve it's unique structure. The base area is thick to make sure installation with breast pump well. And the tip top area is the thinnest area, not only to make make sure the cutting have good flow control function, but also have good sealing and suction performace and the milk will not backflow. The medium area is a little bit thicker than the top tip so that can handle easier.

Food grade Breast Pump Duckbill Valve Features

Duckbill Check Valve choose liquid silicone as material mainly because of:

Material Safety: Liquid Silicone Rubber & LSR is resistant to bacteria growth and can be sterilized by steam antoclaving, ethylene oxide, gamam, e-beam etc. So breast pump duckbill check valve by Liquid Silicone can meet all food grade requirement & certifications like UPS Class VI, FDA 21 CFR 177.2600, BfR XV etc.LR 3038 40 K1 10993-11 E.PDF

Stable design and quality: Duckbill check valve of liquid silicone rubber duckbill valve, which consist of glue A and glue B and is controlled to be dosing device then injected into injection mold chambers. For the special design structre of breast pump duckbill valve, liquid silicone injection molding is easier to control the thickness of the valve. (thicker and thinner areas in one duckbill valve) So more and more customers choose liquid silicone rubber as material not only because of the material safety reason, but also the special design of the breast pump valve.

LSR silicone duckbill valve

LSR Duckbill Valve for Breast Pump by Liquid Silicone Injection Mold:

LSR Silicone Duckbill Valve with higer safety, can achieve 100% FDA grade,and medical grade.

Liquid Silicone Duckbill Check Valve has more stable design and size.

Breast Pump Duckbill Valve has Higher Tear Resistance and Tensile Strength.

Breast Pump Valve has mini parting line and less elastomer flashing.

Silicone Duckbill Valve has wider working temperature.

Duck Valve Breast Pump by liquid silicone injection mold with Short Cure Time & Cycle can achieve mass production.


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