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We make liquid injection molding and manufacture different kinds of liquid silicone rubber molded parts for medical device, sanitary & bathroom products, electrical products, cosmetics, automotive and machines parts etc. Our team also can offer LSR products parts moldabilities & over-molded manufacturabilities analysis or design support etc.

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Silicone Cleaning Brush

Silicone Cleaning Brush, designed for bottle cleaner tool, which made from FDA food grade liquid silicone rubber materials like baby nipples and produced by liquid silicone injection molding
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Silicone Cleaning Brush

Silicone Cleaning Brush, als called Bottle Cleaning Brush or Handle Bottle Brush, like plastic cleaning brush, assembled with plastic or metal handle and designed for bottle cleaner or washing tool.

Why Silicone Cleaning Brush mainly made from liquid silicone materials and produced by LSR injection moulding?

  • Design Structure

  • Materials Safety

    Silicone Cleaning Brush

Design Structure of Silicone Cleaning Brush

Silicone Cleaning Brush by LSR Injection MoldingSilicone cleaning & washing brush, have comflicated structure, as a cleaner tool, which difficult to ejected by solid silicone rubber compression mold and easy to materials loss & silicon brush broken when molded production. Silicone cleaning & washer brush mold-making, not only need CNC process, but also need EDM side-process. Most of silicone cleaning brush have under-cut, as brush-end need assembled or overmolded with plastic & metal handle. If produced by compression or tranfer injection molding, mold sliding block is easy to be bruised, as compression or tranfer injection mold location pin is not precision and some need workers to carry mold sliding block when production. Compression molded silicone cleaning brush will big parting lines and silicone rubber flashing. Liquid silicone injection molding have not such problem, which auto-demolded by LSR injection machines. Liquid silicone rubber injection molding with cold runner systems, which have needle valves, can control liquid silicon dosage by LSR machines.

Silicone Cleaning Brush Materials Safety

Silicone Cleaning Brush, mainly used to wash glass or plastic bottle, nipples, sauce bottles and so on,  will contact with water, oil and some contact with skin etc. Silicone molded made by compression machines can't fully vulcanized, still have hazardour substance in silicone brush. Liquid silicone cleaning brush, same to silicone baby nipples materials, which is a two-part platinum-cured silicone, high-purity, non-toxic materials and also molded by injection less secondary pollution.

LSR Silicone Cleaning Brush & Washer

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Liquid Silicone Cleaning Brush by Liquid Injection Molding

Silicone Cleaning Brush by Silicone Injection Molding


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