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LSR Silicone Cushion vs Solid Silicone Cushion

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LSR Silicone Cushion vs Solid Silicone Cushion

LSR Silicone Cushion is made of food grade liquid silicone rubber by Liquid Injection Molding(LIM), and is mainly used with LSR Silicone Breathing Mask, Full Face Mask for Manual Resuscitator.

LSR Silicone Forehead Pad for CPAP Mask

silicone forehead pad

The reason why more and more customers choose liquid silicone rubber as material for Silicone Cushion is obviously:

LSR Silicone Cushion Safer: liquid silicone rubber is 100% food grade. And LSR is a two-part platinum cured silicone, with high-purity and is non-toxic.

LSR Silicone CushionHigh efficiency: shot cycle time, and can achieve automatic production. With mini or no rubber flashing. Save a lot of deflashing timing.

Please refer to our production video:

LSR Silicone Cushion manufactured by Liquid Injection Molding:

Solid Silicone Cushion by compression molding:

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