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How to use liquid silicone rubber spray coating?

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How to use liquid silicone rubber spray coating?

Liquid silicone rubber coating refers to the metal, rubber, plastic and other materials coated with a layer of Liquid silicone rubber, the use of Liquid silicone rubber itself some of the performance, play a good hand feel, aging resistance, from the good, skid resistance and other functions.Liquid silicone coating process generally includes three parts: bottom treatment, primer coating, liquid silicone coating.Here are the steps.

Bottom treatment: liquid silicone coating before the bottom surface of the coating to be processed.The main is to ensure that the surface of the coating is smooth without defects, so as not to force the adhesive crack;The surface that detects coating glue even additionally is clean, without smeary, if have smeary need to use the solvent such as xylene to wipe clean.

Primer: general liquid silicone is not sticky with other materials (solid silicone team), so the bottom material is the corresponding primer.The base coating agent corresponding to different bottom materials is not the same, should choose the right base coating agent according to the bottom material.When primer coating, pay attention to the coated surface of each piece to be coated, and to be coated as thin as possible, such as the substrate coating agent on the surface of the conjunctiva is not sticky hand can enter the next step.

Liquid silicone coating: this part of the general use of scraping or filling process, scraping coating method is generally the first good glue mixing vacuum coated on the surface of the coating, and then scraping flat.The pouring method is also to pump the glue into the mold after vacuuming.After curing, the adhesive adheres to the surface under the action of the primer.Make sure there are no bubbles in the process.Injection molding method is actually a method of pouring gum, but it has been automated.If the plastic surface of the package is uneven, some also need to be polished and polished.

The common liquid silicone coating has liquid silicone roller, on the rubber coating liquid silicone. A silicone sheath is provided to wrap liquid silicone on the plastic;Silicone antiskid tray, plastic coated with liquid silicone.See the figure below:

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