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How are rubber bushings made?

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Bushing is divided into conventional hydraulic rubber bushing, rubber bushing and belongs to automobile chassis rubber products, is the body the pivotal point between components, its elastic characteristics and attenuation characteristics is superior, can withstand the load, isolation, damping vibration, reduce noise, guarantee the ride comfort, have important effects on vehicle suspension design.


There are various types of bushing, on the one hand, due to different installation locations and loads;On the one hand, in order to meet the performance requirements, such as dynamic, static rigidity, durability, etc.At the beginning of the design, it is necessary to adjust the hardness value of rubber, rubber, metal structure and the size of the occupied volume to meet the dynamic and static stiffness value of the customer.Then, make proper corrections to achieve the target values of the main direction stiffness and torsion, deflection and durability.Automobile chassis rubber bushing skeleton due to loading, installation location, environmental conditions, such as different requirements, bushing frame number is different, include: pure rubber bushing, single skeleton bushing, double three skeleton skeleton bushing, sleeve and skeleton bushing, etc.Pure rubber bushing, can be used alone, also can be used by pressing inside, outer skeleton assembly.



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