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Half-Mask Respirator

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Half-Mask Respirator

Half Mask Respirator is also called silicone half mask, silicone respirator, silicone face mask, silicone rubber mask, made of medical grade silicone rubber material and can be molded by LSR injection molding/LIM or compression molding, the difference exists in development cost, production capacity, product quality, etc.

How to choose a suitable molding for your silicone respirator mask?

Item LIM Compression Molding
Mold Cost High Common
Unit Cost Relatively Low High
Quality Perfect Common
Production Capacity High Common

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Half Mask Respirator made by Liquid Injection Molding (LIM) VS. Compression Molding:

Half mask mold cost is different:

LIM mold cost for half mask is much higher than compression mold for half mask - for half mask requires more mold templates such as clamping plate, piston plate, manifold, insulation plates, spacer block, ejector clamping plate, ejector bottom plate, bottom clamping plate, not similar to compression mold that just need upper plate, mold cores, and lower plate that mold structure is simpler.

Liquid Injection Molding (LIM) for Half Mask

Liquid Injection Molding (LIM) for Half Mask

Compression Molding for Half Mask

Compression Molding for Half Mask

Half mask unit cost is different:

Unit cost is depend on production capacity and efficiency, half mask unit price made by LIM is cheaper than compression molding.

Regarding LIM mold, for saving unit cost, generally use double-mould injection molding, 6 cavities for one mould. High-Automation Manufacturing extremely increases production capacity so that decrease unit price.

Silicone Half-Mask with Valve

Half Mask quality is relatively different: it is well known that LSR injection molding can manufacture high precision silicone rubber products with very small parting line, and nearly without burrs, which means LIM is more suitable for strictly quality management requirements. If with high purchase volume and quality requirement, LSR injection molding is better choice than compression molding.

LIM Silicone Face Mask

LIM Silicone Face Mask

Compression Molding Silicone Half Mask

Compression Molding Silicone Half Mask

Silicone Rubber Mask ODM Service:

Liquid silicone rubber mask, half mask

Liquid silicone rubber respirator parts, seals, valves

Compression molding silicone rubber mask

Compression molding silicone rubber parts, seals, valves for respirator

Liquid silicone rubber overmolding with plastic or metal insert

1. 3D design at IGS or STEP format for evaluation. 

2. or real samples for evaluation, at least two pieces/sets of samples, one is used for doing 3D scan and making drawings, the other is used for confirming and checking assembly after we finish samples.

Liquid Injection Molding Process

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