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CPAP Masks-- Help You Have a Better Sleep

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CPAP Masks-- Help You Have a Better Sleep


CPAP Continuous positive air pressure Mask is made of soft medical grade liquid silicone rubber/ LSR,and it is durable, flexible and comfortable as well as very easy to clean. It can be easily removed without resetting the headgear for convenience.

CPAP Mask is a device at your bedside blows pressurized air into a mask that you wear over your nose or face, which can keep your airway open during sleep. Can avoid snore and to have a better quality sleep.

Liquid Silicone Overmolded Plastic Total Face Mask

How CPAP works?

CPAP therapy is delivered through a CPAP machine, a device that sends a constant flow of pressurized air through the airway to prevent the throat from collapsing. The CPAP generator works by drawing air from the room and pressurizing it to a prescribed level. A hose then transports the pressurized air from the generator to a mask attached to the user’s face or nostrils.

CPAP Masks types: Nasal CPAP Masks, Nasal Pillow CPAP Masks, Full Face CPAP Masks.

Full Face CPAP Mask Production

Nasal Pillow Mask Production

How to choose a best type of CPAP mask?Nasal Pillow Mask

Here are some important points you need to take into consideration:

Breathing habit, allergies, sleep position and pressure need.

1.Nose mouth breathing: Full Face Mask

2.Suffer from allergies: Full Face Mask

3.Side sleeper or shift during sleep: Nasal Mask and Nasal Pillow Mask

4.Higher levels of pressure: Full Face Mask

5.Low level pressure: Nasal Mask and Nasal Pillow Mask.

Nasal Mask& Nasal Pillow Mask vs Full Face Mask

Nasal Mask& Nasal Pillow Mask Advantages:

Convenient: It’s the most convenient mask that can accommodate both side sleepers and sleepers who usually turn during sleep.

Simple and cheaper: Compared to full face and nasal pillow mask, it’s the most simple and cheapest one.

Silicone Breathing Mask


It’s not suitable for patient with congestion, allergies, colds and nasal conditions

The pressure of mask will case uncomfortable irritation on the nose.

May cause nosebleeds and pressure sores for some users.

Oxygen Face Mask

Full Face Advantages:

Indirect airflow creates more natural breathing experience and suitable for all pressure levels.

less intrusive


Tend to leak easier and may cause eye dryness

It’s not suitable for side sleeper

It’s inconvenient to watch TV or do reading with full face mask on.

Silicone Filter Mask

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