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We make liquid injection molding and manufacture different kinds of liquid silicone rubber molded parts for medical device, sanitary & bathroom products, electrical products, cosmetics, automotive and machines parts etc. Our team also can offer LSR products parts moldabilities & over-molded manufacturabilities analysis or design support etc.

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Medical Oxygen Mask by Silicone Injection Molding

LSR Medical Oxygen Masks also called as LSR Mask, Liuiqd Silicone Rubber Mask, Oxygen Mask, which are made of medical grade clear liquid silicone rubber by LSR Liquid Injection Molding Machine and because of its' high precision, transparency, safety and high efficiency, are widely used in medical devices toghther with Manual Resuscitator.

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Medical Oxygen Mask

Medical Oxygen Mask, also called Oxygen Face Mask or Silicone Mask & LSR Mask, which made from 100% Food Grade clear Liquid Silicone Rubber by LSR Injection Molding, and works together with LSR Silicone Cushion, Silicone Valve, LSR Silicone Seal, Plastic Mask Frame, Plastic connctor, Plastic Tubing, and is an important part for manual resuscitator.

Medical Oxygen Mask by Silicone Injection Molding is safer. Because it's platinum cured and achieve 100% FDA Grade and Medical Grade. LSR is better and safer than solid silicone in Medical areas.

LSR Injection Molding fOR Medical Grade LSR Face Mask

Medical Oxygen Mask by Liquid Injection Molding is sofer and comfortable.
silicone rubber breathing mask

Liquid Silicone Rubber can lower up to 5 ~10 Shore A, which solid silicone can't achieve.

Medical Oxygen Mask by LSR Mold is time saving. The cycle time is shorter than silicone compression mold. It's good for mass production.

Medical Oxygen Mask by Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding with no or less silicone rubber flashing, can save deflashing man power.

Medical Oxygen Mask by LSR Injection Mold is durable and reusable. LSR Oxygen Mask with higher tear resistance and tensile strength.

Liqiud silicone adult mask

Solid Silicone Mask and PVS Mask:

silicone medical full mask

Solid Silicone Full Face Mask

PVC mask

PVC Breathing Mask

There are three sizes for the liquid silicone masks: large, medium and small.

Large Medium Small breathing mask

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medical plastic

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