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LSR 2 shot overmolding

2 Shot LSR Silicone Overmolding

2 Shot (2K) LSR Molding is a good way to provide good sealed electrical connection and can ensure a proper wire-to-wire connector seal for high value applications. A rubber seal and its component can be bonded togehter as one component.
2-Shot (2K) LSR Molding is a specialized process using curable silicone that allows for the creation of superior sealed products
2K molding is a process through which thermoplastic and silicone materials are injected and formed into the same mold in one cycle. The materials are formed when they cure.
    - The first shot forms a thermoplastic component.
    - The second shot overmolds the LSR or rubber onto the thermoplastic component. This second shot is where the LSR seal is formed.
LSR molding
LSR is a highly pure curable silicone with low compression set, great stability and resistance to extreme temperatures. These attributes make LSR an ideal material for parts production as it avoids any material-quality-related issues.
2 Shot LSR Silicone Overmolding's Applications:
The high-precision multi-shot injection molded parts are used in the medical, drug-delivery and testing, office automation and automotive industries, such as:
1. Silicone Sealing:
By creating next-level sealing, 2K LSR Molding allows electrification to expand into previously difficult or impossible applications or environments such as Commercial Vehicle, Marine, Automotive, and Industrial Electrical.
2. Silicone Shower Nozzles:
Silicone Nozzle by 2 Shot LSR Molding has good nozzle structure and higher production efficiency.
High-precision two-shot and over-molding not only require specialized design and tooling expertise but also need specialized molding machines and technology.
Liquid Silicone Overmolding's Advantages
LSR overmoled parts can reduce the assembly costs of devices and the opportunity to design devices that otherwise could not be created. 
Liquid Silicone also acts as a protective cover against dust, water, impact, heat and electrical shock, as well as a biofriendly implantable barrier, between device and patient.
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